This year we’re celebrating our 25th Anniversary as the leading 5v5 tournament arena in the nation. We hope to make this our most festive season ever and we would love to have you join us. As we continue to listen to our directors and improve our venue in order to accommodate the developmental needs of our patrons, here are a few of the areas of focus.

TIME IS VALUABLE –  A typical tournament stay does not exceed 3 to 4 hours, the wait between matches is minimal, and all games are guaranteed to start on time and remain on schedule.

EVERY TEAM HAS A BUDGET – We make it affordable for clubs to participate multiple times and with multiple teams in our tournaments; our fee structure makes us the best venue with the best pricing.

IT’S MORE ECONOMICAL FOR CLUBS TO HAVE ONE COACH HANDLE MULTIPLE TEAMS – Our goal is to offset matches for organizations with multiple teams, enabling coaches to efficiently direct multiple groups.

COMPETITIVE MATCH UPS MEAN A LOT IN A TOURNAMENT – Our goal is to continue flighting brackets, and thus enabling every team to have the best competitive experience.

A TOURNAMENT NEEDS SOME DRAMA – Our goal is to incorporate playoffs into each, giving teams the opportunity to play 4 to 6 games.

THE MOST VARIETY OF OUTSTANDING WINTER INDOOR TOURNAMENTS – From our Specialty Cup Series to weekend venues where every age group is offered weekly.

CUSTOMIZED TURF, BALLS, RULES, AND THE CONCEPTION TO PROMOTE OPTIMAL DEVELOPMENT – The Soccer Coliseum venue was created through the collaboration of foreign and domestic soccer scholars, and not local entrepreneurs who copy other seemingly successful venues. Even with over 30 years of serious work on the youth level, we continue to break new ground in youth soccer development.

YOU ARE TRYING TO IMPROVE THE OVERALL WELL BEING OF YOUR KIDS – And so are we with more organic and healthier food choices, within an environment that is designed to visually promote strength of character and good sportsmanship.

WE LISTEN TO OUR YOUTH SOCCER DIRECTORS – We encourage feedback and communication from those we serve. It’s through respect for our clients and a desire to provide the best service that has enabled us to be where we are today, the most popular youth soccer arena in the nation.

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