Street Soccer

Bringing Creativity, Innovation, and Fun back to the game that we all love in the only way possible.

(All Sessions held indoors at the Soccer Coliseum)

Although training is an important component of the developmental experience, there is a shortage of opportunities for kids in our country to simply play the game without a coach controlling everything.

This is unfortunate because uninhibited free play allows for youth players to experiment and learn through trial and error, and thus develop flair, creativity and problem solving during the short window of time that they have to develop it.

There is a new movement in our youth soccer world gaining steam which emphasizes the game as the teacher, promotes the natural bond between the player and the game, and the relegation of the coach to a mentor who guides students in solving their own problems.

Smaller country’s in South America, where street soccer is the only option for youth players, have been taking advantage of this concept and continue to develop some of the most creative and outstanding players in the world for years.

At the Soccer Coliseum, our goal is to make a sizable contribution to youth development through more organic training programs like Street Soccer, which allows players to take ownership of their game. The Street Soccer program involves no coaching, but is supervised by a professional coach.

  • Exciting action packed street soccer games in a sports arena
  • Music, Lights, and 1500 stadium style seats very convenient for spectators
  • No boring drills that kids detest, guaranteed fun along with development
  • Free giveaways & prizes

      Note: Players must bring water and shinguards to each session. No outdoor cleats.

Coliseum training Director Kazbek Tambi with international soccer scholar Horst Wein

Why is free play essential for proper development?

There is a new movement in our soccer world gaining steam which emphasis the game as the teacher.

Youth players simply need opportunities to play the game. Free play, which involves less outside pressure, gives youth players the medium to express themselves and enjoy the game to the fullest. It causes the players themselves to be the main actors and not just followers, and to use more of their thinking brain.

Horst Wein (pictured above with our training director Kazbek Tambi), the world’s leading soccer scholar, has created a methodology predicated on the game itself being the teacher with street soccer being one the integral components. Horst, who helped shape our coaching staff and training philosophy has been hired to consult the youth academies of top professional clubs such as Arsenal, Inter Milan, Sunderland, Leeds United, Atletico Bilbao, Villareal, Real Sociedad,  and Bayer Leverkusen, as well as the national federations of Spain, England, Scotland, Spain, Italy, Austria, Estonia, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Argentina, and Mexico.

We believe that the best developmental model involves elements of team training, private training, and free play. Free play is arguably the most essential activity in a child’s soccer development, however it remains neglected in our pay to play culture.


Free play (street soccer) give youth players the opportunity to:

  • -Experiment and discover what works and what doens’t
  • -Take leadership of their own game
  • -Develop individual and 1v1 skills
  • -Enjoy and become more passionate about the game

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