Become a better player – guaranteed!

No other youth soccer development program comes close. No other training group can claim to produce as many outstanding high school and college scholar athletes, nor professional players. Change your game without changing your team.

The Soccer Institute is not a club team, but a program where individual players build their soccer skills and bring their game to its highest level. In fact, club team coaches are some of our strongest supporters since they know the result is superior club players.

Although the academy is a perfect supplement to a player’s town team or club regimen, many players use the academy as their main training program by adding one or two of the discounted specialty training classes we offer. Parents are empowered for the first time with flexibility to design a soccer training regimen that makes sense for them and their child’s overall development, and it’s about time! 

Program Details – Fall 2019

  • Academy training that promotes accelerated development
  • Weekly 90 minute training session, 5v5 Street Soccer games (Sept. – Nov.)
  • Work with top coaches experienced at developing elite youth players
  • Enjoy the proven success of The Soccer Institute (Si) – training that will bring your game to its highest level
  • Learn life success principles that promote self-confidence and leadership skills

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A holistic training model that promotes success on the soccer field and beyond
We have the ability to systematically empower youngsters and mold them into outstanding scholar athletes.

The Soccer Institute places a premium on:

  • Creativity, game intelligence, quick ball movement, agility, superior ball mastery
  • The motivation and passion to excel
  • The courage to take initiative and lead
  • Promoting the scholar athlete personality
  • The ability for players to stay with their town teams


The Si Academy offers year-long training with the curriculum to match.

Join us this Fall and see first-hand.

Revolutionary mandate from US Youth Soccer
Small-sided training and matches is now mandated by the US Soccer Federation and will be implemented nationwide this year. There is a reason the national governing body would mandate a whole new approach in developing youth players.

The plain truth about youth soccer
Soccer is a player-driven game, not a coach-driven one. It demands creativity and initiative from the performer. But too often the present system only stifles this. The result is mechanical players, most of them lost within the dysfunctional environment that’s forced upon them. This coupled with the fact that most of a child’s development takes place within the 5 to 12 age range should encourage parents to take more ownership of their child’s developmental pathway. There is a solution.

The Si Academy program includes:

  • A systematic approach to player development that incorporates the latest research from Europe
  • 5v5 Street Soccer: free play allows youth players to experiment and learn through trial and error, thus bringing creativity, innovation, and fun back to the game.
  • Soccer Institute uniform
  • Goal setting journal and workshop
  • $50 credit toward one of our other Fall 2019 training programs
  • $50 credit towards a week at World Class Soccer Camp (NJ locations only), Summer 2020


  • At least one tryout is mandatory
  • Tryouts held at the Soccer Coliseum
  • Player must register prior to tryouts (no fee) *see links below
  • Players should wear turf shoes (no cleats), shin-guards and bring a ball

Tryout Schedule – Players are required to attend one tryout date

  • Wednesday, 8/28 (6:30-7:30 pm)
  • Thursday, 9/5 (6:30-7:30 pm)

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