The Si Experience


  • Emphasis on stimulating tactical small-sided games in training sessions that teach important soccer concepts and promote game-centric development.
  • Each student is active, on the ball, and totally engaged in competitive activities from the beginning to end of each session. Less focus on long lectures, physical conditioning without a ball, and non-competitive and boring drills that are proven ineffective in developing players. A system that promotes maximum enjoyment and maximum improvement, all at the same time.
  • Players develop through a guided learning system. Coaches guide their students through tactical small sided games and assist them in finding corrections when they are stuck or lose their way, not by trying to dictate every decision in every play.  The key is to empower students to use their minds and expand their awareness, and to avoid stifling their ability to think.
  • Emphasis on developing the decision making ability or game intelligence. Soccer starts with the head and ends with the feet.  In youth soccer, Si and the world’s leading pro academies prioritize the development of the mind, followed skill mastery, then physicality.  The focus of many domestic youth training organizations prioritizes physicality, then skills, with no regard to mental training.
  • An age appropriate model where coaches gauge the level of each group that they work with and implement appropriate activities in training sessions.
  •  A progressive model where each activity in training builds upon a successive activity that is linked to and expands upon the previous activity; building blocks, each dissected from the and eventually leading up to the full-sided 11v11 model, where students master concepts in a natural and progressive manner.   Training is progressive during the course of each session as well as during the course of the entire season.


  • Emphasis on guided learning, innovative methodology that values creativity and imagination, and the enjoyment of the game.
  • No politics, issues over playing time, or negative playing conditions. A program geared to  give youth soccer players an opportunity to develop in a positive and nurturing environment.
  • Experienced Coaches and staff focused on development over winning, where players acquire a winning mindset naturally.  The game is the teacher, a good mentor knows that his job is to help his student find their own solutions to the continuous problems and challenges that the game presents.


  • Provides over 300% more touches, shots, passing combinations, and one-on-one confrontations compared to the 8v8 format.
  • Allows for better tactical development. Fewer numbers on the field allows players to track teammates and opponents, allowing for better awareness and manipulation of time and space.
  • Players are thrown into a dynamic where positions are less relevant, and understanding how space is created and filled with timed runs becomes clearer with constant repetition.
  • Provides the height, width, and depth that enable players to experience almost every possible triangle and passing combination found in the larger 11v11 format, but in a consistent and easy to comprehend manner.
  • Allows every player to play both offense and defense, with dramatically increased opportunities to defend, shoot, and assist on or score goals.
  • Teaches players to remain composed under pressure, and over time develops players with real confidence.
  • Demands that every player is constantly engaged, and reinforces immediate transition. Every player learns to automatically transition from offense to defense. There’s little time to lose focus, and players are immediately exposed when they do.
  • Forces players to react and execute under full and constant game-level pressure, unlike lower intensity intra-squad small-sided play.
  • Neutralizes pure athleticism and linear speed, forcing the athletic players to make better decisions and perfect their technique, too often neglected in the disproportionately large outdoor field format where kick and run rules the day.
  • Quickness of execution and thought is promoted over mindless running.Enables the moderate and marginal players to step up and take the initiative needed to discover the tools that will allow them to be competitive.
  • Addresses the concerns over play time, over-structuring of players, parental over-involvement, and player boredom and the loss of motivation.
  • Accepted worldwide as the most effective game for developing youth players.
  • The format promoted by Europe’s top youth soccer scholars, and implemented in the European professional youth academies.
  • The national youth game of Brazil, credited with creating the highest number of international superstars from one country. Played by every Brazilian player up through the age of fourteen.
  • Fast becoming the format of choice in many US states, now mandated into the national academy program by the US Soccer Federation.


  • Train and play in a professional and visually superior arena with custom red turf, arena seating for spectators, large on premise parking, music and audio-system, food court, and spectacular lighting.
  • Climate controlled, guaranteeing a comfortable stay with no cancellations due to inclement weather.
  • Excitement and energy level that can only be experienced at America’s number one youth soccer arena.


  • Promoting the character of a champion. Positive mentoring that promotes the motivation and passion to excel, the courage to take the initiative to lead.
  • Team building. Si values individual excellence within a collective setting, and focuses on guiding students to understand the importance of teamwork in achieving personal and collective success.
  • Promoting the Scholar-Athlete personality. Si values the mind as the most important component for success in soccer. This philosophy enables us to create a paradigm that develops both mind and body, exposing the common and parallel pathways for attaining scholarly and athletic excellence.