Private Training


Boys and Girls – Ages 6-18

Why Private Training?

  • -Muscle memory comes through thousands of repetitions, and there’s no other activity that can even come close to providing this. It is estimated that it takes approximately 10,000 reps to master one skill, need we say more.
  • -Repetition and positive reinforcement is necessary on a technical, physical, mental, and emotional level in order to promote real development. Individual training is the only way a player can receive the amount of concentrated work that produces results.
  • -Confidence is the key principle that drives success in sports, and the level of confidence correlates to the level of success a player achieves. In soccer, core confidence can only come from ball mastery. Remember that there’s only one ball and each time a player receives it, he or she has direct impact on the game and on the other players who are maneuvering into position. Cumulative successful decisions and executions will promote a healthy sports psyche; conversely, multiple failures promote low self-esteem and the fear to take initiative.

Advanced Private Training

There is a science to developing outstanding ability and creativity. Our model promotes a systematic approach that addresses the whole person as well as all of the integral parts. Our private training model includes:

  • Intense 60 minute sessions
  • Handpicked staff of individual training specialists highly adept at developing the top talent in the Northeast
  • Customized sessions tailored to the specific needs of each individual
  • Boys and Girls- ages 6-18


Limited Space Available


The rate for private training is higher than the typical rate for group training because private training involves one coach concentrating on one individual as opposed to a larger group.

1 Session

  • Individual Rate – $95 per hour
  • Group Rate – $75 for per hour (2-3 students)

5 Session Package

  • Individual Rate – $85 per hour
  • Group Rate – $65 for hour (2-3 students)

To book Private Sessions please call 201-445-1900 or email