About Us

Over the years, we have worked very hard to make the Soccer Coliseum America’s top youth soccer specific arena, offering the highest level programming in indoor youth tournaments, leagues, training, camps, clinics, and academy development.

We are a soccer specific entity. Our organization, consisting of our team of experts, coaches, and staff, specialize in only one sport. It is the beautiful game, which requires great expertise, commitment, and an unyielding passion in order to deliver the most optimally effective developmental experience to our customers. Our organization fully incorporates the latest developmental models from Europe and South America with the same passion and commitment that the game of soccer demands.

As imitators come and go in the market, our innovative team continues to expand and reach its objectives in developing youth soccer players by providing them with excellent resources, programming, and centralized venues in which teams and players of all levels can both train and play competitive matches in a dynamically festive environment.

We are proud to say, that over the past 25 years, our organization and coaches have developed the most collegiate and professional players coming out of the Northeast. We helped pioneer and are continuing to lead the way in delivering the most progressive club and academy models.

The ultimate soccer experience involves more than just the game itself. We are an open and welcoming soccer community, anxious to share our knowledge and resources with our students and anyone else who loves the game.  Our alumni, proud to have lived the Soccer Coliseum Experience, regularly return to share their knowledge and success formulas with the younger generation.

In the end, the beautiful game is a journey without a beginning or end, but one that will carry on forever.  We hope to share it with you.